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Godakhtar Galaxy

Godakhtar Group consists of different businesses (SBU’s) each taking a role in the value chain of energy sector. Including:

GIG for valve production GSF for casting solutions GPMCO for valve services PFE for EPC solutions GIT for business solutions


“Godakhtar Industrial Gas Valves Co” (GIG) is a specialized valve manufacturer located  in a plant of 12,000 sqm in  Hajiabad Industrial Zone , Arak , Iran.

Established in 1998 , GIG commenced its activities with production of Lubricated Plug Valves , and as the first and most specialized Iranian valve manufacturer.

In 2007 , GIG set the goal to expand its product range and developed new products within the range of industrial valves. 

Nowadays , GIG is recognized as a knowledge-based manufacturer of various types and designs of industrial valves for general and special service and applications including ball valves , plug valves , gate valves , check valves , globe valves , butterfly valve in a wide range of size and pressure class. Main target industry and sectors of GIG products include oil & gas pipelines , offshore , LNG , petrochemical and refinery plants  mining industry to whom GIG has continuously supplied its products  for about three decades.

Among the special and higher technology intensive types of valves successfully designed and manufactured at GIG , we name Orbit rising stem ball valves , axial flow check valves , various types of Cryogenic service ball valves , gate valves , globe valves , cryogenic block & bleed valves , extra high temperature valves, severe service valves.

In collaboration with its local and foreign actuator suppliers , GIG offer a wide range of actuated on-off valves , motorized valves, Line Break valves  and ESD valves.

At GIG , all Quality elements are converged to total satisfaction of clients in a way that every valve shipped to the client passes through  stringent quality measures and controls.

While adhering to quality requirements, GIG serves its client with competitive price level and lowers its client costs by providing effective after-sales service and even technical. Hence , GIG is now determined to go global and believes in the coming years exported products will constitute a significant share of  its annual turnover.

GSF is a  subsidiary and a main stakeholder of GIDR group playing a significant role in completing the value chain of the Group through making Cast Steel parts including  valve components  and parts for oil and gas industry

The foundry is located in the Industrial Zone of Arak , Iran ,  in an area of 3000 sqm

Equipped with 3 induction furnaces, pattern making workshop , heat treatment , laboratory services for chemical and mechanical analysis .

Backed by  two decades of experience in casting, and relying on the professional engineers in design and production of parts , SFG has a proved track record and capability in following area :

  • casting special materials such as Heat Resistant Steel , corrosion Resistant Steel , cast Iron , aluminum Alloys including Aluminum Bronze, nickel Alloy Material
  • Specialized in casting valve parts for all types of valves in full range of pressure class ratings in different Sizes up to 36” of body size , in compliance with all world standards.
  • Casting parts for various industries including oil ,, gas , petrochemical , refinery , power plants , steel plants, aluminum industry , as well as consuming parts in mining and cement industry.
  • Casting of parts for special applications such as high temperature service , cryogenic service , severe service.
  • Casting of material for sour service in compliance with NACE MR-0175 standard and HIC resistance requirements.

Godakhtar Parand Maintenance Company (GPMCO) specializes in the repair and maintenance of industrial valves. We take pride in offering extensive engineering and repair solutions for valves used in oil, gas, petrochemical, and other energy-related industries such as power plants. With our experienced and talented experts and engineers and state-of-the-art equipment, we provide high-quality valve repairs based on international standards. Over the years, we have successfully repaired over 13,000 valves, including various types and sizes.

The services portfolio of GPMCO includes:

  • Preventive and annual inspection and maintenance (PM) & Reliability assurance
  • After-market services for valve suppliers and companies
  • Consultation, technical upgrades, and engineering services
  • Knowledge-based valves service solutions

Petro Farayand Energy Company was established in 2001 and is currently a qualified consultant ranked first in the sub-group of oil and gas transmission lines by Iran’s Plan and Budget Organization. The consultancy services provided by PFE include basic and detailed design as well as excellent workshop supervision for pipeline projects, pressure boosting stations, oil and product storage facilities, roads and railways, marine terminals, and measurement stations. The company also has extensive experience in the upstream oil and gas industries and is currently engaged in providing basic design services in this sector.

In line with GIDR growth , development  and expansion ,

Main functions of GIT are indicated as below: 

–              As the sales office of products and services offered by GIDR subsidiaries

–              As a supplier and trader of all types of petroleum equipment and products which are beyond scope of domestic production.  GIT is actively and effectively involved in large scale and  medium scale procurement projects utilizing adept and proficient methods in technical and commercial management of procurement process. Such supply range includes  but not limited to :  pipes , flanges , fittings , pumps ,wellhead and drilling equipment,  spare parts ,etc

– Conducting market trend analysis on the critical aspects of supply and demand of products and services in the energy sector in order to help the GIDR group for a data driven  decision making.

–              To achieve optimum services and success in a competitive market , GIT has established long-term business partnerships and relation with world known and reputed manufacturers and suppliers of oil and gas equipment and is striving to expand such strategic alliances.

–              GIT enjoys some certain competitive advantages over common trading companies among which we can mention :  highly skilled staff with practical experience in local oil & gas projects  ; full awareness of market demand and requirement in Iran and ME oil & gas projects ; a network of connections and business relation with global manufacturers and suppliers ; workshop and equipment facilities for storage , modification and repair of equipment.

Energy Innovation District is a science and technology district in Tehran’s suburban area, poised to be a knowledge-based industrial zone for new, innovative, and high-tech companies in the field of energy.

It is planned that approximately 500 technology and knowledge-based companies will operate in this district within a 10-year program. With an investment of over 500 Million Dollars and the creation of about one million square meters of physical infrastructure, it is anticipated that over 20,000 full-time jobs and an annual financial turnover of over 5 Billion Dollars will be generated in the District during this period. Attracting high-quality public and welfare services, modern facilities, exposure to national and international employers, facilitating the export of products and services, and the possibility of production for export will be some of the values to be created in the District for its members.


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Project Name: Pars P-ISP Integrated Supply Platform for Industrial and Non-Industrial Services

Objective and Strategy: The goal is to create more added value and achieve a shorter and faster supply chain for specialized industrial services such as procurement, repair, maintenance, construction, and support needed by active industries in the Pars South region and neighboring domestic and international areas through an innovative business model. Providing non-industrial services such as hospitality, transportation, and other welfare services is also another part of the objectives of this major project.

Business Model: The main model of the P-ISP project is to create integrated physical and software infrastructures on a platform that connects and communicates service providers and service seekers. In this platform, expectations such as specialized business spaces, skilled workforce, suitable and key equipment and technologies, logistics and support facilities, along with the necessary cyber infrastructures, will be provided.

Project Stakeholders: The main stakeholders of this business in the Pars Energy Economic Zone include service providers (contractors, builders, knowledge-based centers, welfare service companies, inspection training units, etc.) and service recipients (employers in the oil and gas petrochemical sectors, local communities, government and private customers located in the region, Pars Energy Economic Zone, and individual and legal investors in the project and their collaborators).

Implementation Planning and Financial Justifications: The project is planned to be implemented over a 5-year period, on a land area of 50 hectares adjacent.

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