PLUG Valve

Plug valves contain cylindrical plugs that can be rotated within the valve body to control the flow. These plugs have one or more hollow passageways, allowing fluid to flow when the plug is in the open position. Valve features:

  • Pressure Balance Regular
  • Venturi Round Port
  • Underground Plug Valve
  • Non-Lubricated Plug Valve
  • Lubricated Plug Valve
  • Jacketed Plug Type
  • Multi-way Plug Valve
  • Manual

Valve design

Based on API 6D, API 599 and Customer Requirements

Temperature range

-29 to 180 °C



Pressure rating

ASME 150-ASME 900

End connections

RF,RTJ as per B16.5 & b16.47 A&B
BW as per ASME B 16.25

Seat design

Soft or Metal Seated with Hard Facing on Plug


Manual: Wrench or Gear
Actuated: Pneumatic/Hydraulic/ Electric


Compact Vent and light weight size for fast and easy installation / Conical Sealing System for low Torque
Firesafe Design / Anti-blowout / Lifting Lugs/Valve Support / Anti-static Device / NACE service in accordance with MR-0175- mr-0103-

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