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Valve Management Our fully integrated ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system is used to track activities for all valves that we maintain or repair.  Our client facing extra-net can be used to give our clients access to the historical information about all the valves we maintain for you.

Under our fully managed valve service offering, the GIG Valve Management System gives the client access to:

  • Full inventory and holdings of all valves on our systems.
  • Current valve status including service date, next service due and test certificates
  • Historical information such as where the valve was previously installed and its service history, including modifications, hours of Valve Management (2)labor and costs.
  • Technical details such as specifications and drawings
  • For valves held as replacement stock / working spares the full information is also available.
  • Reports allow our clients to have up-to-date information without the onerous task of maintaining the data.

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