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  • Sadr logo2Casting Steel parts : valve bodies and components for oil and gas industry

“Sadr Foolad Godakhtar” (SFG) was established in 1992 to manufacture cast steel and iron parts.

The foundry is located in the Industrial Zone of Arak, Iran, in an area of 3000 sqm. Since 2000, in compliance with Group’s business strategies, SFG has concentrated the majority of its activities on casting valve bodies and components.

“Sadr Foolad Godakhtar” is recognized as the first Iranian recipient of BS EN ISO 9002 : 1994 in domestic casting industry .

The foundry enjoys a team of experienced metallurgists and technicians, is equipped with 4 induction furnaces , and has the capacity of 2.5 tons in each melt with annual production capacity of 1,600 MT. SFG is now specialized for manufacturing cast components for all types of valves.

The laboratory of SFG is equipped with all required testing equipmentand expert staff. In SFG laboratory , various metal tests are performed such as quant metric material analysis for different metal bases includingsteel , iron , copper and aluminum ; mechanical property test; hardness test , metallographic test ; RT; PT , MT , UT.

Material diversity of SFG products include:

  1. 1.Ferrous
    1. 1.1Steel:
  1. ASTM A216-WCA, ASTM A216-WCB, ASTM A216-WCB
    1. 1.1.2Low Temp. Carbon Steels: ASTM A352-LCA, ASTM A352-LCB, ASTM A352-LCC,ASTM A352-CA6NM,ASTM A352-LC9
    2. 1.1.3Alloy Steels: ASTM A217-WC6,ASTM A217-WC9,ASTM A217-C5,ASTM A217-C12,ASTM A217-C12A,ASTM A217-CA15,ASTM A351-CF3,ASTM A351-CF3M,ASTM A351-CF8,ASTM A351-CF8C,ASTM A351-CF8M,ASTM A351-CN7M (Equivalent to Alloy 20)
    3. 1.1.4Stainless Steels: ASTM A351-CF3,ASTM A351-CF3M, ASTM A351-CF8, ASTM A351-CF8C,ASTM A351-CF8M,ASTM A351-CN7M (Equivalent to Alloy 20),ASTM A217-CA15
  2. 1.2Cast Iron: ASTM A395-Ferritic Ductile Cast Iron, ASTM A536-Ductile Cast Iron, ASTM A126-Gray Cast Iron

ü  SFG produces cast parts for sour service in compliance with NACE MR0175 / ISO 15156.

  1. Non-ferrous
  2. Aluminum-Bronze: ASTM A148-C95200,ASTM A148-C95300,ASTM A148-C95400,ASTM A148-C95410,ASTM A148-C95500,ASTM A148-C95520,ASTM A148-C95600,ASTM A148-C95700,ASTM A148-C95800,ASTM A148-C95820,ASTM A148-C95900

SFG serves different sectors:

In addition to valve components, SFG produces various cast parts for different industries including oil & gas, railroad, steel, and aluminum industries.

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