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Company Name
1  Check Valve 52" Petro Pars
 Check Valve 36"  IPMI
3 Check Valve with retainless design Petrokaran Shafagh kish Co.
4 Stem Ext. Ball Valve IPMI
5 Cryogenic Ball Valve Petro Pars
6 Gate Valve(In A351 CN7 Material) Razi Petrochemical Co.
7 Tin Coating PVD Method Tondgooyan Petrochemical Co.
8 Over 10,000 PCS Of valves in various Types Gachsaran Petrochemical Co.
9 Globe Valve Petrokaran Shafagh kish Co.
10 Various Types of Valves Industrial Projects Management Of Iran(IPMI)
11 Valves with Alloy 20 Trim Persian Gulf Star Oil Company
12 Non Lubricated Plug Valve Mobin Petrochemical Co
13 Cryogenic Gate Valve Mobin Petrochemical Co
14 Gate Valve Shazand Arak Refinery Co.
15 Non Lubricated Plug Valve Takht-Jamshid Petrochemical Co.
16 3 Way -Jacketed Valve Isfahan Coal Tar Refinery
17 3Way _Jacketed Valv Bandar Abbas Oil Refining Co.
18 Non Lubricated Plug Valve Petro Saze Mobin Co.
19 Various Types of Gate/Globe/Butterfly/Plug Valves Karoun Petrochemical Co.
20 Bellows Valve Karoun Petrochemical Co.


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