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he inception of Godakhtar group of companies occurred when Mr. Morteza khalili started working in his small shop with one lathing machine. With the outbreak of war between Iraq and Iran and his active presence in war fronts,
Mr. Morteza khalili was inspired by the idea that in any major confrontation, the weak is destined to be annihilated, and thereupon, in collaboration with a group of friends, focused its activities on machining of warfare parts for defense industry. As war ended, Godakhtar outlined a plan for structure change and founding a casting foundry which was approved by the ministry of industry. All equipment, including induction furnaces and testing instruments were purchased from England, and were set up in the foundry.
Casting foundry - which later was named "Sadr Foolad Godakhtar", as a subsidiary of Godakhtar- was the first alloy steel casting foundry in Markazi province of Iran to be awarded contracts by main Iranian steel producers such as Mobarakeh-Steel, Esfahan Steel, Foolad khouzestan, and also, was the first Iranian casting foundry to receive ISO 9002 certificate. This was not the ultimate destination, but the beginning steps to achieve an ambition. Through continuous efforts of engineering and R&D department, production of plug valves was achieved which was then unprecedented in Iran; and subsequently, National Iranian Gas Co (NIGC) approved the product and signed the first contract with Godakhtar company. AS a result, mass production line of industrial valves was set up in Godakhtar leading to certification of ISO 9001 :94 for the first time in Iran's valve industry.

Presently, with annual production of over 50,000 pieces of plug valves, gate valves, ball valves, check valves, and globe valves, in 300 types and designs, Godakhtar is known as the pioneer and the biggest Iranian valve manufacturer. In 2002, "Goda­ khtar" implemented a re-structuring project in order to pave the way for its intended development and market leadership in Iranian valve industry; and consequently, "Godakhtar Industries Development & Renovation" was established as the corporate holding company.

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